Club Membership fees

The annual membership fee for the club is £50, for the membership year which runs from March to August. All members must be registered with Scottish Amateur Swimming Association (SASA). The membership fee for SASA is covered in your club membership fee. For new members who join part way through the year, the pro-rata rates below are applicable:

• Mar-Aug (100% of annual fee) £50.00

• Sept-Dec (50% of annual fee) £25.00

• Jan-Feb (25% of annual fee) £12.50

Swimming Training Fees

Monthly fees for performance and development swimmers vary depending on training hours in the pool. Fee structure:

– £30 per month for 2 sessions per week

– £40 per month for 3 sessions per week

– £50 per month for 4 sessions per week

If there was sufficient demand, additional sessions may be arranged.

Gala Fees

With regard to Gala entries, we ask that entry fees are paid when it has been confirmed that the swimmer has her/his swims. We add 10% of the total to the entry to cover relay entries, coach passes, coaches lunch and expenses.

Volunteering & Notes for Parents

The club is a non-profit making organisation run entirely by volunteers. We rely on parents to volunteer to help and this can take many forms – help with coaching, timekeeping, lifeguarding, serving on the management committee, swim committee or social committee, helping at galas etc. There are regular courses for teaching swimming, timekeeping and lifesaving. Please indicate on the membership application form how you can help with volunteering and we’ll give you more information.

NOTE FOR PARENTS: Do you have any specialist skills which you could bring to the club? Please get in touch. (eg accounting / marketing / computing / coaching)