About Dunedin Swim Team

Formed in February 2006, Dunedin Swim Team was initially a high performance swimming club based at Dreghorn Barracks (Edinburgh). In 2008, the club changed focus to concentrate on ‘Learn to Swim’ and Club Development Swimming, whilst still maintaining our commitment to competitive swimming.

We now have nearly 100 registered members who swim regularly, and a team of coaches, teachers and volunteers who deliver fun training sessions every week. 

Dunedin Swim Team prides itself on being a family orientated, fun swimming club.  Every swimmer is treated as in individual and it is our intention to provide the coaching and facilities to allow every swimmer to achieve their full potential.

Dunedin Swim Team
Dunedin Swim Gala, August 2019

Training Locations

For training, we have access to a number of swimming pools across the city, including James Gillespie’s High School, Loanhead Swimming Pool, Balerno High School and Forrester High School – all offering excellent training facilities.