Dunedin is a small, not for profit, development swimming club run by a management committee who meet on a regular basis.


  • Provide the best possible environment to support our swimmers in realising their potential
  • Provide a safe and supportive environment for all our swimmers taking into account relevant child protection guidelines
  • Apply recognised best practise in swimmer development
  • Treat each swimmer as an individual
  • Encourage swimming within the local community by offering high quality swimming lessons
  • Promote swimming as a life long activity


  • Our swimmers are at the centre of everything we do
  • Good technique is key to improving performance and reducing the likelihood of injury.
  • A strong team identity helps to motivate swimmers to achieve their potential
  • Goal setting is a key part of swimmer development. We will encourage the swimmers in setting realistic goals and monitor their progress in achieving these.
  • Each swimmer will be treated as an individual and will have regular individual reviews with a member of the coaching team.
  • Organising swimmers into small squads of similar ability allows for a more focused training program
  • We will invest in our coaching team to ensure their continuing development and help them build their expertise.
  • Training and competing has to be fun.
  • Taking part in competitions improves motivation and performance
  • As a club applying best practise is key to achieving our aims.